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  • The Story of The Pedaller
    The Pedaller magazine is now in it's 25th year and the first slim 20-page A5 booklet appeared Mid-Summer 1983, created by the Brighton Section on behalf of the West Sussex DA. It was typed and copied by St. Giles Centre for the Physically Handicapped with hand-written adverts, all for the price of 20p. For the second edition, the services of The Brighton Print Centre were employed and then, many more changes occurred during it's lifetime until it reached it's present format.
    The first editor was Ted Axford and then later, in the hands of Percy Copp, it grew steadily and permission was obtained to use F. Patterson sketches starting with the cover of No. 15, Spring 1987. The Pedaller had become the magazine of the West Sussex DA and represented the views and activities of all of the sections.
    A few more changes of editor occurred before Alex Rothney took up the baton and established a magazine of interest and integrity. He produced The Pedaller for 10 years before eventually retiring from the post. Dave Galle then carried the Baton for many years and brought the magazine into colour before John Maxim took over in 2015
  • Artwork from all members of the DA are very welcome as well as any articles in any form(see below for details).
  • See Arun Adur Section Website, Pedaller Page for the full story of the Pedaller

Arun Adur

The Pedaller
magazine is the platform for members of all of the West Sussex CTC DA to air their views, to write about their exploits, to contribute artwork and to generally communicate with each other. The A5-sized magazine is produced quarterly and also contains a full detailed runs lists for the following three months. It is a non-profit making production and printing costs are covered by subscriptions and advertising.

Editor: John Maxim. email - 19 Ashurst Way, East Preston, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN16 1AQ

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  • All members of West Sussex CTC Sections have included the price of The Pedaller magazine as part of their annual subscription, you will receive free copies of the magazine. 

    Note: Dave Galle has a complete set of
    The Pedaller magazines and could supply copies of back issues if anyone wants them. Please him know which edition(s) you require, your name and address and 1.40 per edition to cover printing and postage(within the UK) costs.
  • Advertising:                  Top of Page
  • West Sussex CTC DA welcomes all companies, shops, retail outlets, cafeterias and tearooms that would like to advertise within the pages of The Pedaller. As part of their contribution, they will receive two free copies of each issue of the magazine.

    Advertising rates are 7.00 for a half-page advert and 13.00 for a full A5-page advert per issue mono. For Colour Adverts the price is 12 for a half page and 20 for a full page . Any photograph and/or artwork can be scanned and included in the advert. Please contact the Editor should you wish to place an advertisement in
    The Pedaller magazine.