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                                       CTC WEST SUSSEX
                           21 FEBRUARY 2014 AT 7.00 P.M.
Edwin Jones-CTC West Sussex Secretary/Bognor And Chichester Group
John Wickens-CTC West Sussex Treasurer
Barbara Nicol-Secretary Horsham And Crawley CTC
Peter Wilson Secretary Arun-Adur CTC
Dave Galle-Pedaller Editor And Registrar.
1. Barbara was elected chairman.
2. John
was elected minutes secretary.
3. Minutes of previous meeting-Nov 2013-were approved as a true and accurate record.
4. Matters arising:
Favorable comments about the new colour format of the Pedaller from the membership and advertisers. A distinct improvement on B&W.

5. Secretary's report-nothing further than what will be discussed in forthcoming topics.
6. Treasurer’s report:

Balances on our accounts are as follows:
Business Saver-£272.54
Total           £389.98
With regard to the current Pedaller monies now recd from 11 advertisers total £84.Sumners Ponds have yet to pay and have been chased several times-they are persistent late payers sadly.
7. Finding a New Treasurer.

Edwin mentioned that he has put in a reminder/request for new DA treasurer as the current incumbent will not be able to continue after this year. No one has come forward so far-we have 6 months to put a new person in place otherwise there is the risk of the DA having to fold and any o/s funds to revert to the CTC-not a situation that we want to be left with from many points of view-not least the treasurer as this would involve unwanted work. It would make no difference in this respect if we changed to an affiliated club.
8. Pedaller financing allocation. For the current issue all groups were charged the same amount £60 irrespective of number of copies. Horsham and Crawley were not happy about this as they feel they are subsidizing the larger number used by Bognor/Chichester. Barbara feels that at this level they would risk using up their surplus within the year? After discussion it has been agreed to reduce Horsham's charge to £50, leave Arun-Adur at £60 and increase Bognor's to £70.These rates will remain fixed for one year to avoid confusion all round. As before an invoice will be sent to each member group in advance of the next Pedaller for prompt settlement please to enable the printer's £280 invoice to be settled.

9. Pedaller Spring Issue: As regards the next Pedaller Dave reported that he has now had more articles-just enough to manage with. Would be good to have input from Horsham and Crawley as most of the articles come from the other 2 groups. Barbara to raise at their next meeting please.

Advertiser's rates: John suggested increasing B&W rates to £8 half page and £14 full page. However it has been decided to leave the rates as they are for the rest of the year to avoid confusion. Discuss at the November Meeting. Colour rates as before were agreed at £12 half page and £20 full page. According to Dave only Sumners Ponds-the late payers-have changed to colour so far. He has sent an email reminder to all other advertisers as it would be good to increase income from them.
Charges for personal subscribers to the Pedaller have been £4 members and £4.50 non members for many years. Given the increased production costs it has been agreed to raise these to £7.50 for all subscribers with immediate effect-Dave to amend the relevant part of the magazine on p2 please.

Dave advised he will save the Pedaller as a PDF and send the first few pages to John to do a proof to check all is OK on quality before it proceeds.

10 2014 DA Events: Edwin reported this is all in hand. The Freewheel will be on 6th April at the old Freewheel Hill near Barnes Green. The I-Spy Ride will be on 18th May meeting Southwater. The 2 Weald Ride will be on the first Sunday in July, the Picnic on the first Sunday in August and the Arun Crossings Ride on the first Sunday in September.
11. AOB- Dave reported that an article featuring him and his accident had been in West Sussex County Times p3 last week.

Peter reported he had sorted the issue with Brighton about lists of members. Edwin reported that a similar issue on a post code west of Chichester had been sorted with Portsmouth CTC and National CTC both agreeing that the post code would be shared.
Meeting closed at 20.25



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